Word on the Street

  •  “Top 8 Van Halen Tribute Bands. If any of these bands are playing in your area, and you absolutely love Van Halen, these are the ones to check out. Yet another interesting take on the tribute band, The Van Halen Invasion employs two lead singers - one handling the David Lee Roth era vocals, and the other covering the Sammy Hagar years. For true fans of the band’s entire career, this is a welcome idea.” Cover Band Central - October 19, 2020 
  • “I’ve worked with and filmed many tribute acts over the years and I can honestly say that the boys with Van Halen Invasion are nothing less than top shelf. Their dedication to an authentic live experience, from the musicianship to audience engagement, is incredible. The fans can see they’re the real deal and are immediately transported to a genuine VH experience.”                                                              Gene Schilling - Video Producer / Photographer 
  • “Van Halen Invasion, an incredible tribute to the legendary 80’s band’s iconic music. Not only does this group of highly talented performers reproduce the greatest rock songs of Van Halen, they combine it with flashy spirit and grand energy to bring audiences “The Best of Both Worlds” from both the David Lee Roth and Sammy Hagar eras of the band.”                                                                    Eyes On Windsor Online Magazine - December 8, 2018 
  • “Takes a lot of balls, from a musical point of view, to do a Van Halen tribute, and these guys nail it to a “T” .”                                          John Power - Video Producer
  • ''Saw The Van Halen Invasion at the Arcada Theatre last night… Both singers are great - but Dave? He blurred the lines between a tribute band and the real thing. The best part? If you’ve ever seen David Lee Roth actually perform - it’s very little like the album versions of songs. The show last night brought every nuance from the albums to the stage, and it’s uncanny how well they pull it off… “Alex” had the sound and style, “Eddie” had all the notes - and I saw that Freidman amp which captured the brown sound perfectly. All the taps and harmonics were dead on. And “Dave”? Ho….oly shnikees! David Lee Roth would probably say (in a very creative & smart ass way) he sounds better! When I say nailed it… I mean the crowd went nuts! I will see these guys again and again! A Great VH experience! (Next time - I wanna hear “So This Is Love?” Ps: sell some concert posters of the sledgehammer guy! Why? … Everybody wants some!''  from an audience member; posted to Facebook - August 6, 2021
  • “Great show!!” - Tyrra Marion - Musician

  •  “What a fun night, hope to do this again in the new year.” - Michelle Fortin - Fan
  • “I was so surprised when I heard the first note. Awesome!!”,“What a great night!!”, “Woohoo!!!” - Kyle Reid- Fan
  • “Great job Guys…  sure looks  like you’re having fun!” - Ricky Lee - Fan